20 Ways to be Beautiful with No Makeup On

1. Love others.

2. Give grace to people.

3. Do not worry about the simple things.

4. Take care of your skin.

5. Tell your story.

6. Enjoy your friends and family.

7. Live life in the moment.

8. Accept everyone.

9. Give yourself grace; don’t be hard on you.

10. Volunteer.

11. Speak kindly of others, always.

12. Do not complain.

13. Live gently.

14. Recycle.

15. Go outside. Let the sun hit your face.

16. Find the things you most enjoy to do, then do them.

17. Live honestly.

18. Spend quality time alone.

19. Honor your parents.

20. Have children, they are a better reflection of you than a mirror.


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