Recycle, Damn It!

Today I went for a stroll around my sometimes lovely, sometimes seedy, neighborhood. While I was out, I grabbed an iced tea from a local place. It made me wonder why more “to go” cups aren’t labeled with a “Please Recycle” reminder.

At least this is one thing Starbucks has going for them; they do what they can to make their waste as earth-friendly as possible (by instilling the 3-bin system). Then I wondered, why aren’t paper and plastic cups a little more demanding? “Recycle, damn it!” is what I would choose. Obviously, this is not your poor recyclable cup’s fault. We can look to big business here. Actually, big or small, choosing cups with a simple reminder cannot be that much more expensive. Or can it?

Then again, I wonder if a printed reminder really helps at all. Those who recycle do not need a reminder, and those who don’t need a swift kick in the ass probably won’t. However, there are a few in the crossroads who may be persuaded by this friendly printed reminder. So, perhaps, this post is actually just a reminder, to those of us who care about the cause, to be a little bit louder (notice that I did not say “obnoxious”…) to our friends in the crossroads about the reasons that recycling really matters.

Happy recycling!